TOPOS ensures a regular presence with regional, national, European and global bodies in order to strengthen the visibility of regional actors, seek out opportunities, encourage actors when appropriate to participate in strategic activities (normalisation, regulation, key projects, etc.).

TOPOS collaborates with the New-Aquitaine Development and Innovation Agency (ADI) whose aim is principally to encourage the regional networks, to push for and stir up innovation within companies, in line with the policy of the Regional Council of New-Aquitaine.

TOPOS actively collaborates with Aerospace Valley, in particular through synergies in space, satellite applications and intelligent transportation.

TOPOS manages, together with Aerospace Valley, Digital Aquitaine and Aerocampus Aquitaine, the Booster NOVA acceleration program, whose ambition is to maximize the potential of space applications and to foster the emergence of innovative projects and the creation of companies mixing digital technologies, satellite data and expertise of our applications.
As such, Booster NOVA has already organised more than 20 events and meetings, launched 8 digital challenges, assisted with 17 corporate projects through national and European branches.

Since 2016, TOPOS has been part of the French Tech #CleanTech #Mobility network, a network of 16 ecosystems throughout France. Its members aim to grow and promote startups in the CleanTech and Mobility markets in France and internationally.
Key words: environment, sustainable development, energy, intelligent transport, new forms of mobility, collaborative transport, autonomous vehicle, sustainable city, smart city, etc.

TOPOS is a member of ATEC ITS France, a strategic national relay in the area of ITS.

TOPOS is actively involved in the “Mobility 3.0” action program within the strategic committee of the ITS National Roadmap initiative, as well as the “Assises de la Mobilité”, launched in September 2017 by Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Transport. This broad consultation was directed at all the actors in the territory and helped to draw up the General Law on Mobility (LOM).

TOPOS is a member of the large European network, ERTICO – ITS Europe, a key player for access to information, the network and various projects in the area of ITS, and organizer of European and worldwide ITS congresses.