Promotion and Networking

TOPOS brings its members together throughout the year through noteworthy events.

TOPOS events

TOPOS regularly organises:
Members Meetings for its members to keep them informed of upcoming calls-for-tenders or future promotion issues at trade fairs.

  • Thematic workshops to give members the opportunity to exchange and present their skills and the challenges they face, to foster the emergence of projects.
  • Meetups with large groups and users of digital solutions (transportation companies, public transport authorities, infrastructure managers)

TOPOS and Digital Aquitaine events

Taking advantage of the network set up by Digital Aquitaine with all the regional ecosystems, TOPOS regularly organises conferences:

  • On transversal topics (the new GDPR regulations, the issues of artificial intelligence, Blockchain etc.)
  • ”Les Destinées Numériques”, organised by Digital Aquitaine in collaboration with regional clusters.

Events by TOPOS and its partners

TOPOS regularly organises meetings with its partners:

  • Events and meetups based on the Booster Nova program with Aerospace Valley and Aerocampus Aquitaine
  • Meetups and collective activities on a national scale with the French Tech CleanTech/Mobility network
  • A project of International Symposium on ITS and climate issues with ATEC, the UN, the European Commission.

All TOPOS events